Except the Truth

When we breakup with someone, we don’t want to believe we did something wrong. That we may have been the cause of this tumultuous down fall that has led us to be single, yet again. Instead, we try to shift the blame on our partner, our friends, and even our work. It is so hard for us to accept the truth that the reason the relationship ended was solely because of something we said or something we did.

It may have a lot to do with our egos, and it may have a lot to do with being naïve, but realizing that we were at fault is a hard pill to swallow. We will recount the story to our family and close friends, leaving out important, detrimental facts such as “I always started the fights”, “I was jealous”, or “I cheated”. We cannot have anyone else looking down on us and thinking we were the bad guy, so we tell them everything, except the truth.

What we must remember is that being honest with our friends is important, but being honest with ourselves is even more important. There is no way that we could ever move on if we are still in denial that the cause of the relationship ending has anything to do with us.

We don’t want to admit that we were wrong. We don’t want to realize things could have worked out if we were the ones to stop them. It is always easier to blame our ex; pinpointing little things they have done to make us feel better about the breakup.

It’s also always easier to sit at home, grab that pint of ice cream, watch a sad movie and play the victim. Too many people are blaming others.

Be upfront about the ending of your relationship. Realize the faults you made so you can change and not repeat them in the next relationship. It’s okay for being the reason the relationship didn’t work out. Not everyone is perfect, and not every relationship is flawless. Embrace those flaws and use them as a tool to fix them for the future.

Accept the truth…with no exceptions.


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